Wednesday, 29 May 2013

7th May 2013.

                                          Winterton-on-sea,in early morning mist.
Fulmar N1
Swallow S36 N42
House Martin S1 N1
Swift S2 N1
Collard Dove N2
Wood Pigeon N67
Jackdaw N6
Crow N58
Jay N50
Linnet S4 N9
Egyptian Goose 3
Common Crane 3
Little Egret 2
Curlew 1
Whimbrel 1
Avocet 1
Common Buzzard 1
Cockoo 1
Fox 1
Hare 8
6.30-8.30am,Wind W.N.W2,Cloud 2/8,Visibility 13,000m.

26th May 2013.

Fulmar N1
Curlew N2
B.H.Gull N5
Swallow S27 N61
House Martin N5
Jay N16 S1
Goldfinch N2
Common Crane 3
Avocet 3
Marsh Harrier 2
Red-Backed Shrike 1
Roe Deer 1
Hare 4
6.30-8.30am,Wind N.N.W,Cloud 7/8,Visibility 12,000.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

19th May 2013.

                                          Horsey Windpump in the mist.
Spoonbill S4
Oystercatcher S6
Kittiwake S1
Swallow S272 N33
House Martin S6
B.H.Gull S29
Jay N40
Linnet S9
Little Egret 1
Avocet 1
Buzzard 1
Marsh Harrier 2
Barn Owl 1
Turnstone 5
Roe Deer 2
6.30 to 9.00am,S.S.W.1,Cloud 2/8,Visibility 10,000m.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

14th May 2013.

Curlew S1
Oystercatcher N1
Sparrow Hawk S1
Swallow S129 N50
Sand Martin S3
House Martin S20
Jackdaw N3
Crow S17 N45
Jay N4
Common Crane 2
Little Egret 3
Marsh Harrier 2
Little Tern 84
6.30-9.00am,Cloud 1/8,Wind W.N.W.6,Visibility 12,000m.

13th May 2013.

Whimbrel S2
Oystercatcher S5
Marsh Harrier N1
Stock Dove N2
Swallow S71 N137
House Martin N5
Jay S29 N21
Crow N16
Linnet N25
Egyptian Goose 5
Little Egret 2
Peregrine Falcon 1
Little Tern 26
6.30-9.00am,Cloud 7/8,Visibility 12,000m,Wind N.W.3.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

7th May 2013.

Oystercatcher N3
Yellow Wagtail S3
Swallow S404 N58
House Martin S2 N2
Sand Martin S4
Crow S7
Jay N3
Linnet S 58 N9
Common Crane 10
Bar-Tail Godwit 3
Greenshank 1
Avocet 2
Turnstone 3
Marsh Harrier 1
Sandwich 27
Little Tern 57
Barn Owl 1
Roe Deer 1
Seal 7
6.30 to 9.30am,Wind S1,Visibility 12,000m,Cloud 2/8.      

6th May 2013.

Mute Swan 12 in off the sea,flew south west.
Whimbrel S3 N2
Oystercatcher S15
Greenshank S1
Hen Harrier N1
Yellow Wagtail S1
Meadow pipit S3
Crow S12
Jay S1
Goldfinch S4
Linnet S65 N2
Common Crane 2
Greenshank 1
Sandwich 47
Little Tern 35
Seal 4
6.30 to 9.00am,Wind S.W.1,Visibility 12,000m,Cloud 3/8.

5th May 2013.

Sparrow Hawk N1
Whimbrel S5
Oystercatcher N5
Sandwich Tern N4
Little Tern N4
Swallow S8 N19
Sand Martin S1
Crow S24 N40
Jay N30
Chaffinch S5
Linnet S57 N48
Egyptian Goose 2
Common Crane 2
Little Egret 1
Whimbrel 2
Avocet 3
Marsh Harrier 2
Muntjac 1
Seal 5
6.30 to 9.00am,Wind W1,Visibility 12,000m,Cloud 1/8.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

29th April 2013.

Egyptian goose S1
Curlew N1
Whimbrel N1
Sandwich ternS4 N30
Little Tern N14
Turtle dove N2
Wood Pigeon S24
Yellow Wagtail S2 N2
Swallow S11 N7
Crow N53
Jay N2
Goldfinch N4
Linnet S8 N49
Avocet 2
Marsh Harrier 2
Seals 153
6.30 to 9.00am,Cloud 2/8,Visibility 12,000m,Wind W3.